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The Impatient Phase of Meeting Goals

I’m at the starting line, the gun goes off, I burst out - full sprint ahead!

Like most people, when I get inspired towards a goal, the passion for that goal explodes inside me! I burst out of the gate at full speed, happy, excited and energetic! I’m like a mad woman, gathering all the things I need to do and getting them done yesterday! I’m writing, I’m researching, I’m signing up, I’m starting the process --- with intense gusto. I get an A+++ for enthusiasm and effort at the start of a project! But then, like all long-distance runners know, as time wears on, I run out of steam. My explosive energy of positivity peters out and my gas tank reaches empty.

Does this sound familiar?

When I’m at this stage, my negative voices begin their heckling and jeering:

What were you thinking? That goal was too big!”


“Chalk this up as another failure. How embarrassing.”


“This just isn’t going to happen for you. Find something else."


"You just don't have what it takes, Lisa. Time to give up.”

Have you heard these same taunts from your inner negative voice? Many times, I listened to those voices and searched for another shiny thing to distract me and start a new inspiration fire. And why do I give in to those voices so easily? Because one of my biggest obstacles is patience. I don’t have any. I not only want to meet my goal quickly; I want to meet it, yesterday! Isn’t that a perfect example of unrealistic, entitled thinking? So when I don't feel like I am making progress fast enough or I bump up against a big obstacle, I run out of gas.

So what is the solution to continuing to move forward? Accountability.

Finding someone, or some way, to stay accountable and moving forward is the only way to move through the impatient "pooped out" phase towards your goals. As I wrote previously, I know that enlisting the right accountability system has helped me achieve great lofty goals!

So,in summary, one month ago, I burst out of the gate at a full sprint on the following goals:

1. Buy a goal planner and write down my 2020 goals – DONE!

2. Get my graphics design website live - DONE! -

3. Get business cards made – DONE!

4. Get my coaching website live – DONE! -

5. Post inspirational messages on social media every couple days – DONE!

6. Read “Everything is Figureoutable” by Marie Forleo – Almost DONE! -Highly recommend!

7. Find accountability for myself - Hmmmm. <Insert shrugging shoulder emoji here?>

Yes, I am an over-achiever and explosive starter. But I also poop out and run out of steam when I become impatient. Thank God, I have that self-awareness about myself and I know what to do about it.

My next steps are to come up with new goals- BUT my priority - is to find that Accountability for myself to get me through the impatient “pooping out” phase. Yesterday, I met with a very successful power business coach. She is who I aspire to be! I want to hire her to be my Coach and my Accountability partner and help me take my life and business to the next level. Yes, Coaches need Coaches!

Where are you on your Goals for 2020?

Start putting structures in place to guarantee your success!

Find accountability support! Hire a coach, join a group, enlist a friend to keep you on track and moving forward.

Let's do this together!

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