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You've always helped others find their place...

so, when was the last time you felt truly fulfilled and happy?

As a natural helper, you comfortably take the lead when it comes to supporting others. In many ways, it feels good – but, if you’re honest – it’s the only way you have felt seen in the world.


But now you are at a place in your life, where you realize that you have lost yourself–  you, the real you, has disappeared. And you find that:


  • You struggle with setting and keeping boundaries

  • You can’t express your needs (and sometimes aren’t even sure what they are)

  • You feel unimportant and insignificant

  • You feel replaceable and resentful

  • You have never believed in making yourself a priority!

"I don't mind being alone.

I just do not want to be insignificant."

- Susie Myerson

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel:  

Season 1: Episode 1: Pilot

You already know that living this way is costing you

your sanity, your joy and your valuable time -

Not to mention stealing your dreams!

It’s time to discover your greatness, your value, your purpose and your voice.

Learn how to express your needs and make choices that align with and move you towards the dreams you have for your of life.

Life coaching is designed to help you discover

your voice and have the confidence to become truly visible

  • Learn the secret to breaking through the beliefs that keep you stuck

  • Gain greater clarity on what you want

  • Develop the skills to make empowering choices

  • Bust through your past habits, patterns and pain

  • Overcome loss from divorce, separation or other challenging life transitions

  • See possibility and start to feel excited about life - your life!

  • Be motivated, focused and confident that you can achieve greater things


You can adopt a new way of living and being -  it’s time for a new solution – one that gives you permission to shine.


"Working with Lisa was a life changing experience. I learned to use my voice and stand in my power. Reclaiming parts of myself that were hidden has allowed me to see possibilities I never thought possible. Lisa is a powerful coach, her presence, her ability to feel with me, and her ability in making me feel safe all supported me in trusting my inner wisdom and self"

- A K

"Breakthrough Shadow Coaching was everything I needed and completely transformed my life. Working with Coach Lisa has allowed me to regain my confidence, find my voice, and work hard towards my goals with a clear vision. I feel entirely changed as a person and would do it all over again if I could. If you feel like you’re standing in your own way or that you need a change in life, Breakthrough Shadow Coaching is totally for you." – Sarah M.

The Shadow Coaching was a very positive experience for me. It helped me work through a lot of fear and uncertainty in my life. Through this work, I was able to get "unstuck" and put the fear aside and move forward. - Karlyn

How it Works:

Life coaching begins with a Phone Call

Sometimes starting is the hardest part . . . but the rewards will be amazing.

Claim Your Life

You have hidden who you are long enough, when you have finished coaching with me, you’ll be ready to fully shine as who you are

Relationship Healing

Heal your heartache after a divorce, a break up, separation from a loved one 


Discover how to fully step into supporting a loved one

Experience Coaching

Through a variety of coaching models – I’ll help you determine the one that will best help you grow

I’m Lisa Gabriel – Certified Life Coach.


I understand what it’s like to experience great loss in life and how that can challenge everything you thought you knew – everything you thought was solid.


Most of the time, moving through those struggles are our biggest strength.


For me, the pain of a divorce, the fallout of lost friendships, estrangement from a child and supporting a child with his gender identity,  awoke within me a truth and yearning I could no longer ignore. I had a purpose and it was my time to claim it.


It is your time to stop hiding and to claim your place in the world.


My passion is helping men, women, parents and families – who, are ready to own being important enough to stand out, to make their mark and live a life filled with joy and healthy relationships.


Is Coaching For You?

Coaching is for anyone who is ready to make a change. When it is no longer good enough to live with compromise. Coaching is a commitment that will truly change your life – but it requires a willingness and openness to explore inside. You must be ready to bust your patterns, be accountable for your actions and be ready to claim who you are!


Do you answer YES to any of these questions?

  • Are you ready to heal and move forward from your divorce or heart break?

  • Are you an LGBTQ individual who is trying to life your life authentically but is not being supported by your family, friends or loved ones?

  • Are you finding it a constant struggle to get and keep your life heading in the direction that you want?

  • Do you have goals and visions for your life, but can't seem to get there?

  • Do you attract the same old relationships, challenges and circumstances?

  • Do you have an LGBTQ child, sibling, parent or loved one that you want to support with all your heart and soul, but don't know how and are confused by your feelings?

  • Do you have any family members or loved ones that you cannot forgive and it is keeping you stuck?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, coaching with me will change your life!

How Much Longer Will You Wait to be Seen?

I know the pain of attracting the same dynamics and of always feeling like people look past you. I also know the temptation of procrastination and "waiting for the right time". Certainly, you can live with your situation for another year or two, but should you have to?

It is time to get off that "negative self-talk" bus and take charge of who’s driving. Staying stuck and repeating the same mistakes is not the “right thing to do” – but sometimes it is the most comfortable. Think about that for a moment. You have been in this place for so long, that it is where you feel most comfortable!  Being invisible is safe. Being invisible means you do not get to be you.

Because being you, means you will be seen! That might sound scary at first, but when you begin to live this way, your heart will sing, your light will shine and the world is yours!


Discover what it means to live a life aligned with who you’ve always dreamed you could be.

Don't Wait Another Day!

Frequently asked questions

Is Coaching right for me?

Life Coaching, also often referred to as personal development coaching or mindset work, is good for you if you’re ready and willing to make changes in your life. Often fed up with the inability to change on their own or through therapy, most of my clients are ready to embrace a life they’ve dreamed of only in their head.

Coaching, however, does take commitment and a willingness to explore the psychological, emotional and internal blocks that have held you back in the past. It also requires a willingness to break your old patterns and admit the truth to yourself that what you’ve been doing, might not actually be working for you.

One of the benefits of life coaching is that it is highly effective and often leads to change quickly. I’ve even heard one client share that she had been trying to make changes for decades, but with the help of coaching she is now able to do the things she’s always wanted.

And while coaching may be effective for long-term change, I often recommend that people work with me for at least 3 months and for maximum benefit, 6 months – to let the neural pathways that are being re-wired take effect.

The best way to determine if life coaching will work for you is to experience it firsthand. I offer a complimentary discovery session that will help you determine if we are a fit and what the experience of being coached might look like for you.

To schedule your discovery session today, click here to access my calendar

Who do you coach?

I coach individuals, parents and families who are ready to heal from past patterns, habits and dysfunction so they can fully claim themselves and the life they want.

I have a particular interest in helping individuals who have gone through similar life experiences as myself as I believe I can be incredibly instrumental in making greater change.

That means I often work with individuals who have experienced or are experiencing divorce, separation, adoption or loss. Much of what I have experienced in life left me feeling as if I could never stand out or know who I really was – I’m passionate about helping you connect with who you really are and feeling confident about showing it!

I also have a particularly strong interest in helping parents of transgender children. I am a proud parent of transgender child. I love my child beyond words and support him with all my being. And like his journey, my process as his parent has not been an easy one. I was confused about the grief and loss I felt and worried that I was betraying him if I had these feelings.

Until I realized that I needed to process through my own pain in order to be 100% able to support him in his. My desire as a coach is to help other parents with LGBTQ children navigate through your own journey of acceptance so you can support your child in the best possible way.

What is the difference between Life Coaching and Therapy?

The lines between therapy and coaching can often get blurred in the public realm, but the simplest way to distinguish coaching from therapy is this: coaching is future and action focused while therapy often focuses on past traumas, self-destructive habits and deep-rooted mental health issues.

My method of coaching adopts a cutting-edge methodology designed to support you in becoming whole and fully expressed. By embracing all aspects of who you are as well as all of your life experiences you become open to receiving the wisdom of your life's lessons and claiming the magnificence of who you truly are.

Coaching is designed to support you to access trust your own innate wisdom and intelligence. Unlike traditional counseling or therapy where you look to someone else for guidance, coaching guides you to be your own resource and uses advanced exercises and techniques that support you in looking within for your own answers.

My personal coaching models are distinct from many other types of coaching in that they are specifically designed to teach you new life perspectives, lessons practices, and skills. In each of your coaching sessions, you will be taught a new concept to help you understand how to handle circumstances and experiences of your life. Between sessions, you may also be given exercises and reading to support you in integrating the lessons and knowledge to shift your way of being in the world forever.

If I am in therapy, can I still be coached?

That depends. Most often the answer will be yes, but I may request to connect with your therapist to determine whether coaching would interfere with any of the work you are doing with your therapist.

In addition, coaching may not be appropriate if there are deep clinical issues that cannot be resolved effectively through coaching.

What do coaching calls looks like?

Coaching calls typically last between 60-75 minutes. All coaching calls will be initiated by you and take place over the phone.

My method of coaching strictly takes place over the phone as it allows you to focus entirely on you! It also is incredibly convenient and can take place no matter where you are in the world. I take clients from within the United States and beyond!

During our calls we will follow a structure that I can share with you during our initial complimentary discovery call, but essentially you will have the opportunity to learn a new skill or tool each session and will go through a process that helps you connect deeply with yourself to find the answers that will best guide you in your life.

What kind of time commitment do I need to make to be coached?

That depends. Most of my coaching programs are between 10-13 weeks. We will meet weekly over the phone and you will have time outside of our coaching calls dedicated to taking your action steps.

You also may be required to do additional reading based upon my recommendation at the beginning of the coaching program.

Most people usually say that coaching requires approximately 2-5 hours per week depending on your level of commitment and action step for that week.

What is Shadow Work?

Shadow work was developed by International Teacher, Coach and Best-Selling Author, Debbie Ford. Shadow work is the act of bringing out our shadow beliefs (limiting beliefs) from the dark so we can heal ourselves and find greater joy, peace and satisfaction.

The term “shadow belief” was originally coined by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, and later adopted by thought leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and Debbie Ford, a shadow belief is an unconscious limiting belief that influences our entire lives – telling us what we can and cannot do and drives all of our behaviors. They are these negative beliefs hidden from our conscious view and are they are the biggest culprits robbing us from having what we most want in our life!

The often sound like:

  • I’m a failure
  • I’m unimportant
  • I’m lazy
  • I’m never going to get what I want so why bother
  • I’m not good enough

And on and on - Shadow beliefs are formed early in life, under the age of 10. Usually what happens is that we were faced with a situation or circumstance we simply didn’t know how to handle or process and we came to a decision or a conclusion. That decision or conclusion – especially if it was a negative one created a shadow belief about ourselves or the world around us.

Once that shadow belief was formed, it was stored away in our unconscious operating system, telling us what we could or could not have or achieve in our life. And despite what we say we want from life, we might even draw in the exact circumstances we’re trying to avoid because that’s how the shadow works – it keeps showing up until we’ve brought our shadows into our awareness and shifted our perspective.

When we coach together, I’ll help you uncover your shadow beliefs so that you can find powerful new ways to shift them and actually use your beliefs to propel you forward and become more visible. Once you become aware of how they’ve been operating in your life, you’ll gain the tools you need to shift your beliefs and remove the obstacles that once stood in your way!

To learn more about how the shadow might be showing up in your life, schedule a complimentary discovery call today.

How does Life Coaching really work?

Do I need to have any prior experience with coaching to maximize the benefits?

Do I have to be "spiritual" in order to be coached?

Do you offer a guarantee?