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Your Darkest Moments Can be Used   To Plant Seeds of Growth

Life's Deepest Pains Are Life's Biggest Opportunities

Healing from Heartache, Loss and Transition

Unfortunately life can disrupt in ways you never imagined.

Divorce, Death, Separation, or any challenging Life Transition

You feel disillusioned, insecure, confused and unsure of who you can trust or how to move forward.

You watch others going on with their lives, while yours remains in turmoil. You feel you will never feel happy, joy or love again. You want to scream out at the insensitive world around you:





The truth is that your world is coming to an end!  And due to your intense pain and grief you can't find the courage or the words to even speak. You watch as your friends, spouses and family moves on with their lives and you feel like you are lost, tossed to the side, replaced. Invisible.


You wonder: "How? How is this my life?"


You did everything you were supposed to do. You lived life according to a perfect plan. You were nice, generous, faithful, loyal, hopeful, fun, optimistic, loving and still you find yourself here – somehow, you lost control of your life and everything you knew and counted on is now gone. That is not how it is supposed to work!


The truth is that you don’t have to stay stuck in your pain or alone. You have the power to get out of this situation and to again be happy, fulfilled and hope-full.


How do I know? Because that was once me. That is how I felt.


After a series of losses beginning with losing my 33 year old brother, a divorce, loss of friendships, my home and separation from a child. I found myself in a dark, dark place, reeling and feeling like I had been easily replaced. My favorite Christmas movie has long been It's a Wonderful Life. The main character, George Bailey, gets the opportunity to see what life would have been like if he was never born. In the movie, George discovers how significant he was in all the lives he touched. What I saw and felt after the fallout from my divorce, was that I was not significant. I was not missed. I was easily replaced. In my darkest time, I didn't see how my life was important at all.


After some deep personal work in therapy, I discovered that to be happy, the key was to stop looking at my circumstances and being the victim and to rebuild myself and trust in who I was.


I had to heal and step into my true self.

It can be that way for you too!

Healing Your Heart Coaching

Heal Your Heart and discover a healthier, more fulfilled you.


You’ve heard the saying that you can’t love others until you fully love yourself?


Yet, here you are still putting others before yourself and wondering why you keep drawing in the same patterns and people who make you feel less than you deserve.


Healing your Heart Coaching will move you beyond your patterns - the fear and the constant second guessing to help you find joy, peace and a sense of love and understanding you never knew.


During this one-on-one 13 week program, you’ll discover new tools to help you recognize and break up with your patterns and habits. You’ll also learn how to:


  • Reclaim your personal power

  • Let go of the vision for what you “expected” life should be

  • Break old patterns and cycles that never worked

  • Find greater self-worth without having to always serve others

  • Build healthier, more thriving relationships

  • Learn how to express your needs and have them reciprocated

  • Honor your loss and use it to create more compassion and joy


With Healing Your Heart Coaching you’ll break the unhealthy ties of the past and create a life of purposeful design.


Based on Debbie Ford’s work in The Spiritual Divorce and The Right Questions, Healing your Heart can help you fall in love with your life in unexpected ways!


All coaching sessions take place over the telephone. To explore how coaching might serve you, begin by scheduling a complimentary call.

The Shadow Coaching was a very positive experience for me. It helped me work through a lot of fear and uncertainty in my life. Through this work, I was able to get "unstuck" and put the fear aside and move forward. - Karlyn

"Lisa helped me discover my voice and unleash the powerful woman that was hidden behind an insecure girl who was afraid of being hurt and taken advantage of. Her coaching guided me to rediscover who I am and to become a stronger woman, full of courage to share my blessings with the world." - JM


Before we begin, people often wonder if coaching is right for them. And it’s an important question to ask. Coaching requires commitment and a willingness to explore beyond your comfort zones. If that sounds like you, I can help you.


To learn more about the coaching experience, contact me to experience a powerful complimentary session that alone will inspire you!

Is Coaching Right for You?

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