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When You Learn to Be Seen

For Who You Are,

Your Life Falls Together

Happy. Fulfilled. Confident.

In her fifty-some years Lisa Gabriel has re-invented herself many times over. She began out of college with a successful career in software engineering, travelling the world and working with super computers; in her late 30s she earned a Fine Arts degree in Illustration and subsequently illustrated and designed children’s books and work books; in her 40s she opened up a Paint-Your-Own-Pottery shop and sat on the Board of her local Repertory Theatre; In her early 50s, she started the journey that resulted in two Ford Institute Integrative Life Coaching certifications, a Trainer certification in Jack Canfield’s Success Principles and a Newfield Network coaching certification (2021). And as she ventured on this journey, she raised two amazing young men as a single mom. Lisa has certainly lived her life following her passions, but it wasn’t without struggles and challenges.

Lisa has embraced her life purpose as empowering and inspiring people to follow their own passions and to be wildly successful and abundant in their own life. She credits her own life experiences with failure, loss, betrayal and darkness as the most valuable tools for helping others. Lisa’s life stories of survival through her “Dark-nights-of-the-Soul” inspire her clients and followers– it gives them hope as they realize that they are not alone in their own struggles with darkness and in their frustration of feeling invisible or powerless – they figure that if Lisa can transform and reinvent her life, so can they.

As a Life Coach, Lisa believes in the power of coaching so much that she works with her own coach regularly to keep her on track, motivated and accountable. She has overcome her stubbornness of not asking for help and embraces the fact that we cannot do it alone, otherwise we would already be where we want to be.

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